PɸF 2022 Venue, Transportation, and Lodging


The workshop will be held in the northeast corner of Princeton’s campus, at the Friend Center (7799 William St), in the Convocation Room (rm 113). We recommend using the Olden Street entrance to the Friend Center (marked on the map below); the workshop room is directly inside that entrance. (Please note that on Saturday, you will only be able to enter the building through the Olden St entrance.)

Parking Information

Friday: On Friday, visitors can park for free in the Stadium Drive Garage. To enter the garage, you will need to register for a free parking permit for the day (which can be done ahead of time or at the garage).

  • From there, you can walk to the Friend Center (around 15 minutes on foot) or take a short TigerTransit ride to McCosh Walk (you can take any bus from Stadium Drive to get there) and then walk from there (around 5 minutes on foot). Here is a link to the relevant bus schedules: Route 1 Westbound and Route 4 Southbound.

Saturday: On Saturday, visitors can park in nearly any campus lot for free, without a permit. See this map for the location of all the lots; you can park in any lot colored orange on the map. The closest reliable lots to the Friend Center are Lot 10 and Lot 13, both just a few minutes away on foot.

Public Transit

Princeton University is accessible by NJTransit. Take the Northeastern Corridor Line (connecting Trenton and New York Penn Station) to Princeton Junction Station.

  • To get to campus from Princeton Junction Station, there are a number of options:
    1. You can take an Uber/Lyft/taxi to the Friend Center. The ride is about 10-15 minutes. Note that the taxi line is on the north side of the train tracks.
    2. On Friday (but NOT Saturday), you can take a (free) TigerTransit bus ride to campus; get off at Firestone Library, and it’s less than a 5-minute walk from there to the Friend Center. Here is a link to the relevant TigerTransit bus schedule: Route 4 Northbound. (You may need to state that you are attending an academic workshop on campus in order to board.)
    3. You can take “the Dinky” train from Princeton Junction Station to Princeton Station. Here is a link to the NJ Transit page to plan a trip from Princeton Junction Station to Princeton Station. Note that the Dinky departs from a different (very nearby) track from the one you’ll arrive at; follow signs for the train to Princeton. Princeton Station is on campus, but is still about a 20 minute walk from the workshop venue. On Friday (but NOT Saturday), instead of walking from Princeton Station, you can also take the TigerTransit Route 4 Northbound bus to Firestone Library, which will put you a 5 minute walk away from the workshop venue.


There are several options, in  different price ranges, if you’d like to stay overnight somewhere within walking distance to the workshop venue.

  • Nassau Inn ($360/night, may get fully booked as the workshop approaches)
  • The Peacock Inn ($280/night, may get fully booked as the workshop approaches)
  • The Erdman Center at the Princeton Theological Seminary ($70-$120/night, often has rooms available even at the last minute, you may need to call to book: 609-497-7990)
  • Airbnb (various price ranges/options, but can be hit or miss in terms of availability)

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