Princeton Phonology Forum 2022

The third meeting of the Princeton Phonology Forum (PɸF 2022) will be held on December 2-3, 2022.

The theme of PɸF 2022 is the wheres and whens of affixation, which we take to include the following sorts of phenomena, both from an empirical and theoretical perspective:

  • Infixation
  • Mobile affixation
  • Affix ordering effects/paradoxes
  • Allomorphy involving different affix positions
  • Multiple exponence involving different affix positions
  • Opacity effects in affix positioning

Details of the schedule, including abstracts and links to the online meeting rooms, will be posted here as they are finalized.

Schedule and abstracts


PɸF 2022 Speakers




Contact Information

Email address:,

Organizers: Laura Kalin and Florian Lionnet

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