Certificate Program of Study

The program of study for the LIN certificate will be approved by the LIN Program Director or Director of Undergraduate Studies. It will include completion of the following requirements:

  1. LIN 201/CGS 205 Introduction to Language and Linguistics
    Satisfactory completion of LIN 201/CGS 205, “Introduction to Language and Linguistics”. Ordinarily this course cannot be taken P/D/F. Permission may be granted to substitute a different LIN course in place of 201; decisions will be made on a case-by-case basis.
  2. 4 additional courses
    Satisfactory completion of four additional LIN courses beyond 201, at the 200-level or above. At least three of the four courses should bear the LIN designation or be cross-listed with linguistics. Linguistics-related courses in other departments and programs may be approved on a case-by-case basis. At most, one of these courses may be taken P/D/F.
  3. Independent work
    Some substantial aspect of linguistics should be incorporated into either the student’s junior independent work or into their senior thesis. If this is not feasible, students should contact the director of undergraduate studies, currently Prof. Florian Lionnet (flionnet@princeton.edu), to discuss alternative arrangements.
    Princeton Linguistics Certificate Independent Work Guidelines (PDF)

Students pursuing the LIN certificate must complete all requirements for the certificate no later than one week before Dean’s Date of their senior year in order to have the certificate conferred to them at graduation. (For the present purposes, LIN courses that a senior is enrolled in during their Spring semester will count as “completed” at the time of this deadline.)

Note: This program of study is for a LIN certificate, and is separate from the program of study for an independent concentration in linguistics. For the latter, see the page about the LIN Independent Concentration.

How to Apply

Complete an application online or as a typeable PDF.

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