PSST 2022 Venue / Parking / Transportation


PSST 2022 will be held in Green Hall 1-C-4C. Green Hall can be found on Google Maps here: The red X on the map below shows the location of the main entrance to Green Hall.

Please note that (due to Covid policies) the doors to Green Hall are locked. There will be student helpers in the lobby to let you in.

When you enter Green Hall, the talk room, 1-C-4C, is straight ahead of you (through a library/study area called the Langfeld Lounge).

Parking Information

For Friday and Saturday, visitors can park in Lot 20 ( or Lot 21 (

Each of these lots is about a 15-20 minute walk to Green Hall. Additionally, on Friday, there are regular campus shuttles (“TigerTransit”) that can bring you close to Green Hall. (The ‘A’ Central Line goes from Lot 20 to Firestone Library, and the ‘C’ East Commuter Line goes from Lot 21 to the Friend Center. Details at this website.)

For Saturday, all numbered lots on campus are available for visitor parking. Lot 10 ( and Lot 13 ( are located very near to Green Hall.

Public Transit

Princeton campus is also accessible by NJTransit. You can reach Princeton by taking the Northeastern Corridor Line (connecting Trenton and New York Penn Station) to Princeton Junction station.

  • Princeton Junction is about 10 minutes by car from Green Hall (there is a taxi line on the north side of the train tracks at Princeton Junction).
  • You can also take “the Dinky” train from Princeton Junction station to Princeton Station. Here is a link to the NJ Transit page to plan a trip from Princeton Junction station to Princeton station.
  • Princeton Station is about a 20 minute walk to Green Hall. (On weekdays, instead of walking from Princeton Station, you can also take the TigerTransit ‘A’ Central Line to Firestone Library.)

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