Professors in Linguistics Discuss Expansion of the ASL Program

December 21, 2021
Noah Buchholz
Noah Buchholz, Lecturer in the Humanities Council and the Program in Linguistics

In an article published by The Daily Princetonian, Noah Buchholz (Humanities Council, Program in Linguistics) and Daniel Maier (Humanities Council, Program in Linguistics) discussed expanding the American Sign Language (ASL) program at Princeton, including the addition of a new course, LIN 215: American Deaf Culture, in spring 2022.

The Program in Linguistics, part of the Humanities Council at Princeton, will continue to enhance ASL offerings in the coming years. This involves adding language courses and maintaining the new 100-level ASL sequence, which can be taken to satisfy the University’s language requirement. Program expansion was supported by the Dean of the Faculty, the Office of the Dean of the College, and the Humanities Council, as well as a dedicated group of undergraduate students who rallied behind it.

“…I really hope that the increased visibility of ASL and Deaf culture on campus will help make Princeton more accessible and inclusive,” Buchholz wrote to the Daily Prince. “I hope one of the results of this is an increase in the number of disabled faculty members, staff members, and students.”

Read the full article in the Daily Princetonian here.

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