Congratulations to the Class of 2021!

May 26, 2021

The Program in Linguistics celebrated the graduates of the Class of 2021 on May 24, 2021 via Zoom.

The Program’s Director, Adam Elga (Philosophy), began the virtual celebration by welcoming the graduates and their families; members of Linguistics’ teaching and advising faculty, Byron Ahn (Linguistics), Laura Kalin (Linguistics), Florian Lionnet (Linguistics), Christiane Fellbaum (Linguistics), and Steven Foley (Linguistics), also spoke at the event, honoring each of the graduating independent concentrators and certificate students. The winner of this year’s senior thesis prize, Michelle Min, was also announced. 

Congratulations and all best wishes to the Class of 2021!  

Class of 2021 Independent Concentrators

Ali Harris

Anna Macknick

Michelle Min, winner of the Senior Thesis Prize in Linguistics

Diana Cai Tang

Michael Yeung

Class of 2021 Certificate Students

Diamond Acharya, Department of Computer Science

Ysabel Ines Ayala, Department of Anthropology

Kennedy Byrd Casey, Department of Psychology

Bianca Isabela Catoto, Department of Computer Science

Emma Kirin Cottrill, Department of Psychology

Eve Nuria Fleisig, Department of Computer Science

John Mateo Garcia, Department of Economics

Cristina Maria Hain, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Cameron Lawrence Hayes, Department of Neuroscience

Julie Kallini, Department of Computer Science

Hamna Khurram, Department of Economics

Arjun Krishnan, Department of Computer Science

James Day Lee, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

Victoria Lee, Department of Economics

Sabrina Martins Marques, Department of Neuroscience

Morgan Anne McGrath, Department of East Asian Studies

Larissa Oliveira, Department of Psychology

Ashley Michelle Roundtree, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Aïchatou Savané, Department of Psychology

Lydia Carolyn Spencer, Department of Spanish and Portuguese

Marissa E. Webb, Princeton School of Public and International Affairs

Elaine Frances Julia Wright, Department of Electrical Engineering

Christopher Xin-Rui Yang, Department of Operations Research and Financial Engineering

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