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Requirements for a Certificate in Linguistics

A.    LIN 201/ENG 213 Introduction to Language and Linguistics
B.    4 additional courses
C.    Independent work

A.    LIN 201 is an introduction to the linguistic theory that forms the basis for most of the other courses offered by the Program in Linguistics.  It is also a prerequisite for most advanced courses in Linguistics.

B.    Any LIN course, 200-level or above, counts for this category.  At least three of the four courses should bear the LIN designation or be cross-listed with Linguistics.  Linguistics related courses in other departments and programs may be counted with the approval of the director.

C.    Some substantial aspect of linguistics should be incorporated into either junior independent work or into the senior thesis.  If this is not feasible, students should contact the director to discuss alternative arrangements.  A Junior Paper is normally an essay of 20 to 30 double-spaced pages that is clearly focused on one - or several related - questions, problems or issues.  A Senior Thesis is generally about 100 pages and is an in depth examination of a particular topic.

Application is available as an online form or as a typeable PDF.


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